Dec 8, 2010

Li Xiang Lan (李香蘭)- Selection

First,an introduction from the new poster - me : Hi !!!! ^o^
Second, here we have an amazing artist, the one that is really a gem , Li xiang lan, or also know as Yoshiko Yamaguchi, who's been the leading lady of chinese cinema in the 40s and was one of the Seven great singing stars. An individual with an amazing life, and ofcourse, amazing music had a very exciting but still troubled life: after the war, the Chinese authorities acccused of treason and collaboration with the Japanese,but luckily was free of charges,so she moved to Japan and had a carreer there and after some time in the US and Hong Kong too until she retireed in 1958 from acting.
In this great selection of 22 songs, you can really feel the power of her voice and the beauty of the accompaning music whether it is chinese traditional, japanese traditional, or in most of them, jazzy/swingy which was in that time quite popular. So, I'm sure most of you'll like it :)
p.s. I hope that my English doesn't suck so much :)
see you!

more info on her: Wiki