Apr 5, 2010

Shintaro Kago - Dance! Kremlin Palace! & more [NSFW]

A warning! When you read anything by Shintaro Kago, you are likely to encounter the following: nudity, defecation, graphic acts of violence and gore, fetishization of tragic medical conditions and bizarre sexual acts including necrophilia. The stuff I'm linking to is comparatively tame (only featuring the first few things from this list) but don't blame me should you choose to further investigate his work.

(These comics read from right to left)

Dance! Kremlin Palace! is a surreal alternate history of Russia seemingly based on clichés of Russian culture and elaborate puns. Some of it is pretty messed up, but I feel I can safely recommend the first chapter, which revolves around Russian roulette and is fairly devoid of gross imagery. The rest you can find here. The English translation is a work in progress, going up to chapter 8.

For further Shintaro Kago, Same Hat is the place to go. Some of what I consider the best comics by Shintaro Kago are posted there. Check them out below, but once again be aware that they feature sex, nudity and disturbing imagery prominently.

[download] - A must-read. A simple comic is progressively mapped onto three-dimensional space. That in itself is pretty strange, but believe me it gets stranger.

Blow-Up [download] - Along the same lines as Abstraction. I feel this would be better to read in print, but it's still pretty amazing.

Multiplication [download] - "Like Abstraction and Blow-Up before it, Multiplication dissects, digests and smears the constraints of sequential art across the walls."

Labyrinth [download] - A story about mazes that is at several points told using mazes. I believe drawing the correct path through some of the mazes reveals pictures (mostly pornography) but I haven't tried it myself.

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