Dec 26, 2011

Music by 9-10 year old boys

Human Skab - Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags (2009) [v0]

A reissue of 1986 cassette recordings from Human Skab, age 10. The lyrical content of this is frequently bizarre and disturbing, and instruments include such oddities as buckets, rakes and a really badly tuned piano. It's pretty great!


Alex Mauer - blast (2006) [192]

This Alex Mauer EP revisits music he made for a fictional video game called 'blast' as a child. For most of the tracks, the original recordings are played (complete with commentary by the 9 year old Mauer) which then transition into versions remade by Mauer 15 years later.


You could also download blast and other Alex Mauer releases in ALAC from his website, if that's more your thing.

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  1. Hey Sergio

    The Human Skab is going strong - I have the great honor of playing bass for him in his return to the stage last December. Here's a sample of the modern Human Skab sound:

    Where are you based? Brazil by any chance? Drop me a line

    Matt Love