Dec 29, 2011

Studio Ghibli Arrangements

Day 3 of Weaboo Week and I apologise in advance for utterly failing as a weaboo in this instance. Although I've seen several Studio Ghibli films, I haven't listened to the soundtracks in isolation and the only piece of Ghibli music I especially remember is the opening to My Neighbour Totoro. Nonetheless, there was some interest in Studio Ghibli music, so I've decided to irresponsibly post a bunch of arrangement albums I've barely listened to. Note: most of these didn't survive the great Megaupload purge of 2012 and have been removed.

Various Artists - Ghibli meets Bossa Nova (2009)

This was an impulse buy based solely on the cute cover. To this day, my regrets are minimal.

Download (V0)

Lisa Nakazono - Chopin de Ghibli (2009)

These piano arrangements do a pretty stellar job of emulating Chopin, so if that's what you're looking for I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Download (V0)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Studio Ghibli Symphonic Collection (2005)

A collection of straight orchestral covers.

Download (V0)

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