Jan 31, 2012

Descendents - Everything Sucks [1996]

Descendents Everything Sucks

Being way too eager to listen to things, I'm not the type to archive properly [The opposite of my big brother]. But the collection of Descendents on my iPod doesn't mind competing with 'the Descendents' or the various underscores in the_song_titles.
I mean, what’s more badass than an anarchic iPod? Descendents.
The album has decent melodies and break downs with punky lyrics that make me feel bad ass when walking to my friends’ houses in the suburbs.

Now, I’m not saying this is the best album, but it was the first I was introduced to, maybe the album itself is a bit sentimental, maybe I am a bit sentimental.

OK I’m fucking sentimental so download Everything Sucks if you haven't got it already. [192]

Also shameless plug to Parents of whom were named after the Descendents track of the album Milo Goes to College.

Thank-you Grant for the introduction to both of these bands

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