Jan 23, 2012

Sisters Love: Give Me Your Love (2006)

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This is some pretty funky Soul. Despite forming in 1968 a lot of the music here would probably not be out of place in an 80s Detroit (that I admittedly know nothing about). I think half this band used to be in a backing band for Ray Charles. I haven't listened to Ray Charles for a year at least, so probably I should get some up.

This album is pretty great anyway. I think it is a compilation of stuff they recorded during their relatively short lifetime (1968-1973). They toured with the Jackson 5 for a bit, and recently some cuts from an unreleased LP were finally made available, but other than that I don't know too much about this group. Their most famous song is 'Are you Lonely?' but it isn't on here, and I've not come across it yet. However, 'Give Me Your Love' is definitely here, that totally sweet tack that gave was remixed by Danny Krivit and gave them a new audience of disco fans.

Note lyrics "If you can't fix it / maybe the milkman can"

Oh yeah.

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