Jan 23, 2012

This Kind of Punishment - A Beard of Bees (1984)

1. Prelude 2:08
2. From the Diary of Hermann Doubt 3:19
3. The Horrible Tango 4:36
4. Trepidation 3:56
5. East Meets West 3:51
6. Turning to Stone 4:30
7. Although They Appear 3:54
8. The Sleepwalker 3:36
9. An Open Denial 7:12

This Kind of Punishment was a band formed by Graeme and Peter Jefferies who both released fantastic albums before and after A Beard of Bees, writing songs which would be covered by people like Amanda Palmer and Cat Power.

The melancholy piano parts that would, in my opinion, make At Swim Two Birds as good as it is both introduce the listener to and close A Beard of Bees. It's lo-fi, it's post-punk, and it's experimental, but it's also just really introspective and dark. The two final tracks The Sleepwalker and An Open Denial are the best.


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