Feb 18, 2012

Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit (1998)

1. Cringe 2:23
2. Cop 2:18
3. San Francisco 3:52
4. Nose Over Tail 2:37
5. As You Were 2:11
6. Enjoy Your Day 2:18
7. Clavicle 2:28
8. My Little Needle 3:01
9. Southern Rock 3:05
10. Message From Kathlene 3:22
11. Trouble Breathing 3:55
12. Sorry About That 3:19

I was using Grooveshark to listen to albums that I used to like but didn't particularly want to download and buy, but that didn't work out 'cause I remembered why I loved Alkaline Trio via Private Eye and then checked out Goddamnit 'cause it's their first album and they're even better than I remember

The album is filled with catchy, enthusiastic punk/pop-punk with lyrics mainly centred around heartbreak. The singer sounds like a gentleman, something I didn't expect from pop punk. It's kind of cheesy but so good that you don't really feel self-conscious listening to it. Even with songs like Clavicle where the chorus is I just want to wake up naked next to you / kissing the curve of your clavicle

It's incredibly sweet, bitter, and earnest. Easily one of the best 90s punk albums I've heard and one that since I've (sort of) re-discovered, will undoubtedly stay on high rotation alongside guilty pleasures like Enema of the State and Sing the Sorrow, and less embarrassing ones like Punk in Drublic, Diary, and Schmap’n Schmazz. Somehow it covers all those bases.


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  1. Definitely a guilty pleasure for me too - sweet bitter and earnest really sums it up. Bummer how alkaline trio went so ridiculous and gothic later in their career.