Feb 18, 2012

Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love (1987)

1. Ain't Got You 2:11
2. Tougher Than the Rest 4:35
3. All That Heaven Will Allow 2:39
4. Spare Parts 3:44
5. Cautious Man 3:58
6. Walk Like a Man 3:45
7. Tunnel of Love 5:12
8. Two Faces 3:03
9. Brilliant Disguise 4:17
10. One Step Up 4:22
11. When You're Alone 3:24
12. Valentine's Day 5:10

Tunnel of Love is Springsteen's follow-up to the immensely successful Born in the USA. The former had Springsteen modelling himself on Deer Hunter's scathing blue-collar nationalism mixed with Rambo's exaggerated masculinity, with bombastic working class anthems to suit. Tunnel of Love, on the other hand, had him stripping back Born in the USA's epic hard rock arrangements and appreciation of the universal working class for the sake of sparse, sad songs, with very personal lyrics. Marriage in decline, his tunnel of love is unlike the ones found on terrible cards where couples honeymoon for a bit and then have to face stresses such as children, jobs, and debt. Rather, it's one that nobody ever leaves, going in together and then wandering alone. Anyone who thinks when you're alone, you're alone is a useless truism has never had his or her heart broken. Cheesy but profoundly touching, particularly if you're a fan of the boss.

Pretty much perfect for forever alone day, sorry I'm four days late posting it


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