Feb 3, 2012

John Cale - Music for a New Society (1982)

1. Taking Your Life in Your Hands 4:46
2. Thoughtless Kind 2:41
3. Sanities 5:58
4. If You Were Still Around 3:29
5. (I Keep A) Close Watch 2:11
6. Broken Bird 4:44
7. Chinese Envoy 3:10
8. Changes Made 3:14
9. Damn Life 5:15
10. Risé, Sam and Rimsky-Korsakov 2:13
12. In the Library of Force 5:57

Whether it's comparisons to Scott Walker's Tilt or Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, nothing can really prepare the listener for Music for a New Society. It's a heavy listen, but contains some of Cale's sparsest arrangements- instruments drift in and out at different volumes and with different effects as his seemingly aimless voice half-sings poetic lyrics.

Disorienting skeletal songs delivered in the most disorienting way!

An incredible record


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