Mar 23, 2012

Koopsta Knicca - Da Devil's Playground: Underground Solo (1999)

1. Torture Chamber 2:47
2. Crucifix (feat. DJ Paul) 4:00
3. Ready 2 Ride (feat. DJ Paul and Crunchy Black) 4:52
4. Robbers 3:54
5. Smoking on a J 2:17
6. Stash Pot (Original) 4:57
7. Front a Busta 5:24
8. Judgement Nite 4:47
9. Bustaz Betta Make Way 6:03
10. Anna Got Me Clickin' 2:13
11. Now I'm Hi (Pt. 2) 4:06
12. Purple Thang 6:49
13. Stash Pot [Remix] 5:58
14. Whatcha Gonna Do (feat. DJ Paul) 4:19
15. Talkin' 1:46

DJ Paul gives some of the most lo-fi, heavy, straight up evil production of his career and Koopsta Knicca rides the beat with the drowned out, disorienting, paranoid dirty south style triple six are known for. He does it well, but it's when the beats and samples take over that shit gets real- like a really fucked up nightmarish take on dub. Despite the expected lyrical content- murder and weed, the end product is something uniquely ambivalent where realism- poverty and violence can only be seen through something more surreal and hallucinatory, like what Candyman was going for

One of the best southern rap albums


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