Apr 26, 2012

DJ Quik - Rhythm-al-ism (1998)

1. Rhythm-al-ism (intro) 1:39
2. We Still Party 5:13
3. So Many Wayz (feat. 2nd II None & Peter Gunz) 5:41
4. Hand In Hand (feat. 2nd II None) 4:18
5. Down, Down, Down (feat. AMG, Mausberg & Suga Free) 4:43
6. You'z A Ganxta 4:22
7. I Useta Know Her (feat. AMG) 3:50
8. No Doubt (feat. Playa Hamm & Suga Free) 4:12
9. Speed 3:21
10. Whateva U Do 7:46
11. Thinkin' 'Bout U 4:05
12. El's Interlude (feat. El DeBarge) 4:05
13. Medley for a 'V' (The P---y Medley) (feat. 2nd II None, AMG, Hi-C, Snoop Dogg, El DeBarge & Nate Dogg) 6:26
14. Bombudd II 2:59
15. Get 2Getha Again (feat. 2nd II None, AMG & Hi-C) 4:41
16. Reprise (Medley For A 'V') 2:45

Just what rap needs: one more guy boasting about his majestic penis and how good he is at treating women like gutter trash
But did you hear how well he boasted about his dick?
As lyrically dumb and/or vile as the much celebrated Chronic, Quik raps really well about parties and his dick and your bitch over beats cleaner, (by this time) more refreshing, more organic than the much celebrated Chronic, reminding how the west had changed even without superhero Dre producing 2001 a year later and thus saving the day for the whole west coast according to the stories and the critics
So what's the problem? It must be the cover, man, 'cause Rhtyhm-al-ism stands as some of the best west coast rap ever produced for being as lush as R&B contemporaries, as funky as a Zapp record, and as live-sounding as, uh, a Zapp record..

Classic shit



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