Apr 14, 2012

Em Slim (1999)


Heh heh

Got taken down. Putting it back up so this blog is sort of an archive of all things awesome as well as new stuff or weird stuff or whatever

Young artist rides in on a controversial/catchy single before taking the listener into a dark and funny world of substance abuse and self-deprecation for the sake of both introspection and satire probably not repeated on anywhere near the same level until last year's XXX

The fluidity, storytelling, and attention paid to rhyme would only be beat by the same artist a year later when he comes back smarter, way more fucked up on prescription meds, and a lot more versatile, over way better beats

Still, an important release for pop culture and rap music (the issue of his whiteness no longer an issue), and also just a good one- like if Jesse Bernstein spent 15 years studying rap or something



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