Apr 2, 2012

Starlito - Mental WARfare (2012)

1. Lito Speaks
2. Hope for Love (prod. by Doughboy)
3. Mental WARfare feat. Robin Raynelle (prod. by DJ Burn One)
4. WTF (prod. by Sonny Digital)
5. Lito Speaks #2
6. Live from the Kitchen (prod. by Lil Keis)
7. Back With The $#!t (prod. by Big Fruit)
8. The Ville feat. Quanie Cash (prod. by Fate Eastwood)
9. L.E.A.N. feat. Killa Kyleon & Young Dolph (prod. by Cardo & DJ Burn One)
10. Substitute (prod. by DJ Burn One)
11. Game Over feat. Don Trip (prod. by The Colleagues)
12. Nortriptyline (prod. by Trakksounds)
13. Chill feat. Don Trip (prod. by DJ Burn One)
14. Lito Speaks #3
15. Produced by Coop (prod. by Coop)
16. The Struggle feat. Ke'Anthony & Quanie Cash (prod. by Fate Eastwood)
17. Grape Swishers (prod. by DJ Burn One)

New Starlito mixtape, real good as expected. He first came to my attention with Renaissance Gangster which was released the same year as other weed rap greats Kush & OJ and Pilot Talk.

I'll be listening to it more soon, just putting some new stuff up 'cause I'm gonna bombard this place with old stuff that got taken down over the next couple of days

128 (Free)
FLAC/v0 (support the artist)

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