Apr 10, 2012

Z-Ro - Look What You Did to Me (1998)

1. Guerilla Till I Die (feat. Taz) 4:32
2. Look What You Did to Me 3:30
3. City of Killers (feat. BAM, Taz & Trae) 5:42
4. Life Story (feat. Al-D & BAM) 4:01
5. Ghetto Crisis (feat. Taz) 4:42
6. Pimp On 4:17
7. Mercy (feat. Fakkulty & Taz) 4:34
8. Where Is the Love 4:12
9. R U Down (feat. Fakkulty, Taz & Trae) 4:07
10. Dedicated 2 U (feat. Chris Ward) 4:06
11. Lord Tell Me Why 4:06
12. Tall Tale of a G 3:32
13. Paper Game 3:50
14. And 2 My G's (feat. Taz) 4:41
15. Z-Ro the Crooked 3:28

Z-Ro's first album and the one a lot of people think is his best. Similarities to Scarface and 2Pac in his storytelling and style, but also totally unique. The production isn't anywhere near as good as he is on the mic (or maybe it just hasn't aged as well) but I actually like it because it's so chill behind his passionate delivery

In an industry where a debut's success can make or break a rap career, Z-Ro had to settle for local acclaim and used "Look What You Did to Me" as a foundation for an increasingly fruitful recording career. I like to fancy that someday it might be celebrated as Bruce Springsteen and Binary Star's earliest records are—independent regional favorites by young, struggling artists so blatantly talented that, once revisited after their commercial breakthroughs, the world can't believe they missed them. Despite huge respect, critical acclaim, and unconditional love in H-Town, it took years for Z-Ro to even splash the national radar, and for such a talented, appealing, passionate, emotional, and prolific artist—especially one so universally lauded—it can be downright upsetting that he remains as underrated at he is. Introducing a superb rapper, captivating vocalist, and deft producer, "Look What You Did to Me" is that rarest of debuts that showcases a fully developed artist, one ready to shine even if the world wasn't prepared to return the favor.


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