May 30, 2012

Above the Law - Uncle Sam's Curse (1994)

1. Return of the Real Shit 5:42
2. Set Free 4:49
3. Kalifornia 4:35
4. Concreat Jungle 4:26
5. Rain Be for Rain Bo 4:34
6. Everything Will Be Alright 4:54
7. Black Superman 4:27
8. The 'G' In Me 4:52
9. Uncle Sam's Curse 4:47
10. One Time Two Meny 4:49
11. Who Ryde 5:30
12. Gangsta Madness 6:46

Looking for more of Cold187um's production after I loved his beats on Kokane's Funk Upon A Rhyme I found Above the Law (he's a member), and Uncle Sam's Curse (which I actually like more than their 1990 classic Livin' Like Hustlers)

It's got the funky, disorienting beats and vocals I wanted (partly courtesy of Kokane turning up on 6 of the 12 tracks) which keep convincing me that Cold187um deserves more praise than he gets, but also, and here's where people get all pissed off at ATL, the white devil sentiment that has so many turning from Ice Cube in disgust. I'll leave that one with you though 'cause I'm too busy enjoying ATL (and Cube)


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