May 21, 2012

Alice Donut - Mule (1990)

1. Mother of Christ 4:01
2. Mrs. Hayes 2:38
3. Roaches in the Sink 4:11
4. Crawlpappy 2:12
5. My Severed Head 4:21
6. Bottom of the Chain 6:07
7. Burlesque 2:40
8. Big Ass 4:06
9. Roadkill 3:27
10. Tiny Ugly World 4:23
11. J Train Downtown: A Nest of Murder 4:30
12. Cow's Placenta to Armageddon 3:19
13. My Boyfriend's Back 2:22
14. Demonologist [unlisted] 3:42

Alice Donut's third album (Like the last two, but perfect. Every song a tiny gem of absolute genius- Mark Prindle)

Creative, catchy weirdo punk with whiny vocals and genius lyrics
A fed up Serbian,
kills Arch Duke Ferdinand,
unhinging the wrath of millions,
Time to Drink myself into oblivion
Like Redd Kross' Neurotica, Mule exists completely out of the 80s-90s reinvention of punk rock for the sake of- grunge-ing- but in a way epitomizes and betters all of that shit- as much as I'm willing to claim Nirvana as my second favourite band, Mule and Alice Donut are just some of the best shit ever

PS Mrs. Hayes skips half way through, I'll sort that out and re-up the track when I get home




  1. Thanks! Alice Donut is a bright spot in 90s indie rock...probably the only band (along with Craw, Kill Creek, and the Crumbsuckers) that I can say I've bought every cd from

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    1. a fixed version of the song is up there by itself now