May 3, 2012

Cheater Slicks - Walk Into the Sea (2007)

1. My Position on Nothingness
2. Tattoos Are Stoopid
3. Eye
4. Pipsqueek
5. Baudelaire's Ghost
6. Dead Beat
7. Run, Run, Run
8. Walk Into The Sea
9. Crackin' Up
10. Westford Cemetery
11. Dry As A Bone

Drunk and dark rock and roll only true to drunkenness and darkness- garage, punk rock, and noise all applicable but perhaps too restricting or maybe not true 'cause it's all that but it's also Les Rallizes Dénudés or Harry Pussy or pop rock or blues depending on what'll make the album seem like it's going faster or just appear drunker and darker to the listener- either way they've done it all for us, and it works on both levels

Cheater Slicks have been releasing consistently good albums since 1989. Next up- 1993's Whiskey


buy (lame, sold out for now)

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