May 13, 2012

Doris Duke - I'm A Loser (1969)

1. He's Gone 4:34
2. I Can't Do Without You 2:06
3. Feet Start Walking 2:28
4. Ghost of Myself 3:06
5. Your Best Friend 2:48
6. The Feeling Is Right 2:44
7. I Don't Care Anymore 3:05
8. Congratulations Baby 2:00
9. We're More Than Strangers 3:28
10. Divorce Decree 2:28
11. How Was I to Know You Cared 2:38
12. To the Other Woman (I'm the Other Woman) 2:55

Sort of a cult album, Doris Duke's I'm A Loser is closer in terms of emotional rawness to James Carr's You Got My Mind Messed Up than to Mary Wells' My Guy or even Irma Thomas' Wish Someone Would Care. Her voice is moving, the lyrics are expectedly ridiculously sentimental, and the arrangements are always tasteful, even when the strings kick in.


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