May 14, 2012

The Flesh Eaters - A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die (1981)

1. Digging My Grave 4:22
2. Pray til You Sweat 2:36
3. River of Fever 3:55
4. Satan's Stomp 5:49
5. See You in the Boneyard 3:30
6. So Long 3:30
7. Cyrano de Berger's Back 3:22
8. Divine Horseman 7:09

Suitably named after a 60s horror/sci-fi film (as garage bands should be), The Flesh Eaters are often discussed in regard to the better known X (with whom The Flesh Eaters shared some members), and punk blues bands inspired by The Flesh Eaters. This is a pity as vocalist Chris D. has one of the best punk voices I've ever heard and his lyrics are fantastic also. And because it doesn't account for those parts where you think holy shit that sounds like Captain Beefheart and Half Japanese, so fucked up jazz is as much a part of their sound as punk and blues. What I mean is they're unique and better than all these foolish punk comparisons



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