May 8, 2012

Foesum - Perfection (1996)

1. Introduction 1:05
2. The Ultimate Collaboration 4:09
3. In the Wind (What Goes Around) 4:47
4. Lil' Somethin' Somethin' 4:20
5. Who Got Game 1:09
6. Runnin' Game 4:26
7. Whowouldofeveathought? 4:05
8. G-Skit 1:09
9. Just Get on Down (G-Shit) 3:52
10. Listen to the Sound 4:45
11. Don't Get It Twisted 6:12
12. Come Take a Ride 2:24
13. Who Got Your Back 4:42
14. Some Things Never Change 4:18
15. Let Em Understand Perfection 5:55

Depending on the listener's taste, Foesum's Perfection will either sound like generic west coast rap, or a sort of perfect (ha) west coast album. It's the same sorta thing that happens with something like Black Moon's Enta Da Stage which is often considered an east coast classic, but to some sounds too archetypal to be interesting or engaging

Personally I love Perfection 'cause it's consistently good and also laid back. It's not gonna grab you with its originality or innovation like a DJ Quik or Dr. Dre album, but not every album you listen to has to be canon. Just a real solid, laid back west coast record that can sit there 'til you feel like that sort of thing


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