May 16, 2012

Girls - Album (2009)

1. Lust for Life 2:25
2. Laura 4:51
3. Ghost Mouth 3:11
4. God Damned 2:17
5. Big Bad Mean Motherfucker 2:16
6. Hellhole Ratrace 6:57
7. Headache 4:00
8. Summertime 5:39
9. Lauren Marie 4:58
10. Morning Light 2:36
11. Curls 2:08
12. Darling 2:59

Mainly to make things on here comprehensive- according to at least two of our posters Girls are the best rock band of recent years and their first Album is their best because it's the most ambitious

Less grandiose, realized, and consistent than their 2011 epic Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Album still stands as one of the best heartbreak albums I've ever come across, certainly the best indie rock one, if only because Girls so successfully piggyback on Elvis Costello (the 'pop encyclopedia') meaning you get a ridiculous amount of styles (again, not as realized as Father, Son, Holy Ghost) to convey all the mood shifts surrounding heartbreak

If it's messy, it's meant to be. If it's big and dumb, it's meant to be. If it's saccharine, it's meant to be. The only real problem is the listener's propensity to play it so frequently that the capo'd chord in Lust for Life and Owens' voice become torture. But it's 2012 now and we've got two other great Girls records to fall back on until Album becomes listenable again! Wooo!



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