Jun 11, 2012

Brand Nubian - One For All (1990)

1. All for One 4:56
2. Feels So Good 5:04
3. Concerto in X Minor 3:58
4. Ragtime 4:15
5. To the Right 4:18
6. Dance to My Ministry 4:21
7. Drop the Bomb 5:01
8. Wake Up (Stimulated Dummies Mix) 4:45
9. Step to the Rear 4:00
10. Slow Down 5:03
11. Try to Do Me 4:20
12. Who Can Get Busy Like This Man ... 4:30
13. Grand Puba, Positive and L.G. (feat. Positive K & L.G.) 4:31
14. Brand Nubian 4:38
15. Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine) 5:25
16. Dedication 4:08

Expected golden era east coast hangups- lessons from a group of black-supremacists- but Brand Nubian luckily also belong to that other group of golden era east coast expectancies: the expectation that the golden era east coast rapper or group display a certain degree of virtuosity and charisma as well as ideas and intelligence and that their beats be creative and fun. Brand Nubian do all that on One For All. There's the ideas, the intelligence, and the virtuosity- mainly thanks to Grand Puba- but also charisma- thanks to all of them (Sadat X and Lord Jamar too), which just goes with the funky production which here is great. And that's probably why One For All is a classic golden era east coast record



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