Jun 27, 2012

Clipse - Hell Hath No fury (2006)

Hearing Clipse for the first time on their debut Lord Willin' was jarring- these cool motherfuckers birthed two personas to replace the world's notion of the criminal turned rapper- nothing exaggerated or sensationalized, but pure detached matter-of-fact apathy. Whether society's the problem (I'm from Virginia where ain't shit to do but cook/pack it up, sell it triple price/fuck the books), or it was a fate chosen solely for the Thorntons (on Intro where their trade's as much a part of their DNA as Danny's family's addiction in DNA), they're a new breed of America's nightmare taught motherfucker hit you then you better hit 'em back. They'll hit back but not to motivate anything like Jeezy or spit venom like Killer Mike (now we took the crack and put it in rap/ now your kids is high off of that), but dispassionately, which is scarier

All of this'd be fine if there was some trace of humanity in the production, but on Hell Hath No Fury The Neptunes really nailed catchy and creative but also minimal and alien. The Clipse duo too- their wordplay creative, their flows icy and monotone, the delight in telling the listener how they do things- every detail. In the end it all just serves to capture the immorality of their trade- they'll write a song called Mama I'm So Sorry precisely because they're not (sorry ma!) and sum up everything they are, have been, and ever will be with the line keys open doors

Get it?? 'Cause keys is also...

Yeah, you get it



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