Jun 1, 2012

Girls - Broken Dreams Club (2010)

WARNING: whereas I gave Album and Father, Son, Holy Ghost a whopping 5 stars (WOW!!!), I've only given Broken Dreams Club four and a half (boooo!) on a site people only use for automated recommendations any way

Because it's not as good as Album or Father, Son, Holy Ghost

It is however a fantastic release and an important one as it shows the transition between the sound of both albums- an alt country aesthetic gels their influences together for the first time and so it's not as schizophrenic as Album. In fact, a few of the songs are better than the ones on Album, certainly more interesting, as the band adds horns and pedal steel and comes out sounding Roy Orbison + x on two tracks, and dreamy/slow-building/guitary on the closer Carolina. The only track I don't really care about is Alright, but a few minutes in the song takes an interesting turn- something they did frequently on Father, Son- turning a nice-ish (but only that) idea into something unexpected and good

It's concise (it's an EP) and works as a great stand-alone record as well as an interesting one. I recommend buying it on vinyl like I did 'cause the cover is cool and you get a little download token which is a nice idea



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