Jun 7, 2012

Leatherface - Mush (1992)

1. I Want the Moon 2:49
2. How Lonely 2:39
3. I Don't Want to Be the One to Say It 2:34
4. Pandora's Box 3:01
5. Not a Day Goes By 2:38
6. Not Superstitious 4:19
7. Springtime 3:18
8. Winning 1:59
9. In the Real World 2:23
10. Baked Potato 3:17
11. Bowl of Flies 2:58
12. Dead Industrial Atmosphere 4:03
13. Trenchfoot 3:00
14. Scheme of Things 3:20
15. Message in a Bottle 3:32

Husker Du + The Police = Mush
I thought whoever came up with that was a genius 'cause it's actually pretty accurate but then I noticed Leatherface did a Message in a Bottle cover at the end and it all made sense! Leatherface play catchy and moving hardcore punk (Husker Du) and their singer sounds like Lemmy which can be confusing at first but it just turns Mush into more of a sing-along 'cause everything ends up even more rugged, epic, and emotive

Another great example of major labels trying to get their own Nevermind by signing bands who'd never be commercially successful (Melvins, Royal Trux...) and hoping the public would catch on but never did. Just like releases by those two, Mush is a cult album that's retrospectively been hailed as a classic



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