Jun 4, 2012

Lushlife - Plateau Vision (2012)

Can't find any good reviews to copy+paste+encourage you to check this out..

Plateau Vision is such an immaculately produced album- visionary, atmospheric, lush, and punchy, that it kinda makes me sad knowing that not many people will hear it and reminds me why people were so mad at Goblin last year- relative unknowns produce shit more creative and consistent all the time and nobody really pays attention. Lushlife's not as nice on the mic as he is making beats which is where Black Milk comparisons end (and Exile/RJD2 ones begin), but he rides the beats well enough (although he can't always keep up with them) so I'm really not bothered. In fact, all that's subjective and in the 91/100 okayplayer review, dude gets compared to Nas and Black Thought (!!!!!) so if you agree with that I guess Plateau Vision will be your perfect 2012 rap album



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