Jun 25, 2012

Modest Mouse - Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks (2001)

WELL I THINK IT'S NICE! Inevitably living in the shadow of the band's MASTERPIECE The Moon & Antarctica, this EP is plain good. The seven minute Night on the Sun is the best and most important song on here, but also a polarizing one- the listener's opinion on it will determine how much he/she enjoys the EP overall. I like Modest Mouse gone post-rock more than Modest Mouse gone bland or dangerous so I'm a fan!

The three minute opener Wilful Suspension of Disbelief sets the tone for the EP with heaps of ideas crammed in so that they (and the downer vibe) can be worked out and stretched out in the fantastic extension piece- Night on the Sun. It's all the more fun when Brock's quiet voice affectingly erupts into yells about getting filled up on blood and stabbing blood and all sorts of things about blood, and the band boldly throw a simple solo into the middle of the song so that for the remaining time the listener's stuck witnessing all the weird layers and ideas coming crumbling down. None of the layers or ideas should work any way, so it's exciting hearing the band build something so beautiful and moving out of them, and then sorta destroy it all just as we begin to connect or relate to it

After that the band go quirky and upbeat and Wilco and spacey and Butthole Surfers and Beck and so on for the remaining tracks, and to be honest I could do without a few of them, but I keep listening any way because the band's gloomy avant-garde post-rock workout looms over all that shit and makes it appealingly twisted even when the band don't want it to be that way



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