Jun 24, 2012

Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique (1989)

Such an amazing album. It's not the songs, although there certainly are songs here and there, but the ridiculous kaleidoscopic flow that should be chaotic given how dense it all is, but recalls time, place, culture, and amiable/bratty personalities with such humour and creativity that the listener can't help but love the strange and glorious mess that is Paul's Boutique- the Beasties' reaction to cynics and critics attributing too much of their craft to a gimmick. Maybe they played it up, but this ballsy follow-up is not your average one-hit-wonder sophomore gimmick record, nor is it your average rap record AT ALL. Even Chuck D had to admit they did good, and we all know Public Enemy weren't short of legendary beats in their heyday. As with 3 Feet High, Paul's Boutique is dizzying and fragmented in a way that'd be repeated by more alternative minded acts over the years (the consciously avant-garde Madvillainy 15 years later), but would never capture time and place as vividly as these records which borrowed so freely from any source they thought necessary in bringing their vision about- a banjo here, half a Beatles drum beat there, etc



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