Jun 21, 2012

Tha Alkaholiks - Coast II Coast (1995)

1995- the nihilistic gangsta fun of The Chronic was 3 years gone and the west was fascinated by the moralizing 2Pac who'd just gone to prison making his Me Against the World even more hyped, so nobody really gave a shit about Coast II Coast's Pharcyde-style eccentric party rap, especially 'cause when Pac's album dropped a month later it'd be celebrated as an instant classic. I'm all for sincerity in music and count Pac as my favourite rapper, BUT WHERE DID THE FUN GO?! The daisy age adopted by intelligent clown emcees The Pharcyde and passed on to similarly talented/funny west coasters Tha Alkaholiks couldn't really make a big impact on anything other than daisy age minded alt rappers, 'cause for whatever reason people needed life-affirming poetic martyrs, and this is reflected in not only sales but cultural impact. SO WHERE'D THE DAISY AGERS GO? You can find hip hop hippies everywhere apparently, as evidenced on Coast II Coast. As well as Lootpack and Xzibit features, you get a Q-Tip one too. For all the dope E-Swift production, you get two Diamond D tracks. It could never make an impact out of the underground in its time, but seeing as we're posting it 17 years later, that doesn't really matter. They're funny, they're smart, they're great emcees taking just as much influence from the east as the west, and on Coast II Coast, their beats are crazy too



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