Jun 6, 2012

Twinz - Conversation (1995)

1. Conversation #1 0:34
2. Round & Round 3:41
3. Good Times 3:44
4. 4 Eyes 2 Heads 3:27
5. Jump ta This 2:53
6. Eastside LB (feat. Warren G) 3:39
7. Sorry I Kept You (feat. Warren G) 3:15
8. Conversation #2 0:12
9. Journey Wit Me 3:19
10. Hollywood (feat. Jah-Skillz & Neb Love) 3:31
11. 1st Round Draft Pick (feat. Warren G) 3:48
12. Conversation #3 0:15
13. Don't Get It Twisted 3:58
14. Pass It On (feat. Foesum & Warren G)

1995 west coast album entirely produced by Warren G- what do you think it's gonna sound like? Smooth g-funk, right? Yeah, I even tagged it pop rap!

Conversation is kinda like Perfection but even more laid-back and nostalgic. I honestly can't find a flaw anywhere- although neither emcee is stand-out fantastic on the mic, they do what they need to do on Warren G's chill beats. As a review I just read points out, there's a crazy amount of sung hooks here which just adds to that feel-good vibe (I wanna fuckin' sing. Cuz I'm happy- Em)

You know what to expect but that's not a bad thing


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