Jul 6, 2012

Big Punisher - Capital Punishment (1998)

Good enough to change the way the world viewed Latino rap with the gigantic Pun killing every verse and perhaps more importantly, every guest from the super lyrical Black Thought through to Prodigy and Inspectah Deck. Pun belongs to that small group of rappers good enough to make it sound easy- the listener loses himself/herself in the words because of the emcee's skill in nailing multisyllabic rhymes, coming out clear and fluid: it's not clear that he ever stops or even needs to. That's his lyrical skill right there too- this is the 90s east coast so his stories are mafioso, but every word is picked to make the line complex enough to sound simple: Just call me Baby Jesus cause lately niggaz be praisin me / Just for the way I blaze the beat crazily, tape to CD lasery / It pays to be amazingly flavory / Gaze into my rhymes that basically hypnotize you occasionally. The album's long (24 tracks (!)) but they go by quick 'cause Pun's convincing going big poppa  when he needs to and then straight back to desperate doe-or-die 3 minutes later