Jul 19, 2012

Donovan - H.M.S. Donovan (1971)

An extension of Donovan’s Blake-ish A Gift From a Flower to a Garden which alternated sides of experience and innocence (GET IT SIDES NOT SONGS), HMS Donovan is all innocence: 28 songs for children. It’s almost a good use for his timeless pastoral nostalgia! Download it for your children! I don’t have children either! I’m too young and I can’t drive! Other than performing its function (and let’s presume, doing that well), it’s also got some of the sweetest melodies he’d ever write. But it’s 28 tracks long! Boldly unhip and really odd, HMS Donovan likely captures the hazy timelessness of your childhood and fragmentedness of your memories. I'll warn you again though: it’s also 28 songs for children!


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