Jul 9, 2012

Hollow Tip - Takin' No Shortz (1996)

Hollow Tip's voice reminds me of Danny Brown's, but he's gangsta so he'll stick to stories about murder and robberies, and do so directly: laying out a rhyme pattern and sticking to it, and certainly not fucking with any oddball alt intonations- what I mean is he's monotone as they come stylistically, vocally, lyrically. More evidence that the more ghetto the cover, the more ghetto the contents. Produced by N8 The Gr8, beats sound like a dude jamming on his old keyboard while Tip's voice is isolated at the top of the mix. Minimal like Too $hort but without the budget- like some mid-90s gangsta shit performed and recorded out of one of the dudes' garages. I'm not gonna recommend it, but I like this kinda thing so here it is



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