Jul 27, 2012

Jason - I Killed Adolf Hitler (2007)

I still have no idea how Jason managed to capture the sweet naivety, dark coming-of-age-ness, and timelessness of childhood in the first part of Hey, Wait given his spare, minimalist style. It suited the rushed fragmentedness of the second part (adult life), but the fact that the story was sentimental (if nihilistic) made it a triumph of style and storytelling

I Killed Adolf Hitler seems perfect for his style- set in an alternate universe in which hired guns are legal, his matter-of-fact minimalism makes the story strange, funny, and noir-ish where an expressive artist would render things grotesque. As the story progresses, however, the oddball premise- time-travel, legal murder- becomes secondary to Jason's concern with human relationships. The final page makes all else deviation, albeit enjoyable and confusing deviation, and says more about love, time, forgiveness, and regret in one simple exchange than your average book/film/whatever in its whole duration


sample it, but for real you should buy it

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  1. Brilliant stuff all the way. Added in my blogroll.