Jul 23, 2012

John Cale - Paris 1919 (1973)

Has more in common (atmosphere-wise) with folk than art or pop or the avant-garde or noise: more Something Else by The Kinks than anything else, which was also strangely folkish in its non-folkishness. It's the timelessness and pastoral-ness, I think. It might be a failure on Cale's part that his concept goes unnoticed even when the listener reads wartime atmospherics and then listens but still thinks of the record as a great companion-piece to The Kinks' masterpiece, or that for all his focus on literature it's only Thomas' childhood romanticism and Lear's nonsense which manage to stick, thus pushing his album way the fuck away from war or anything even remotely sinister... Too enigmatic for its own good, or too good for its own pretension? Sorry Mr Cale but your vibes are just too good



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  1. I follow your music blog for a long time and it’s one of those blogs in which I find many interesting records and some, somehow, may have influenced my own musical work.
    I’ll leave you here the link for the anthology of my work over the last 14 years that is available at bandcamp. It crosses different kinds of music. Some material was released on CD or vinyl and some was left unreleased until now.

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    Luís Couto