Jul 7, 2012

Prurient - And Still, Wanting (2008)

Passionate and sentimental (...) Stop over, friends! At Dominick Fernow's house back in 2008 where he made music your mom mightn't yell at you to turn off.
A cooling down of Pleasure Ground where noise was used not to shock (for once), but to express something personal- taking over where shards of feedback sent from an aggressive set of powerchords could not quite express Fernow's frustration, or perhaps he just thought that the medium of punk rock had been castrated by 2006- cue pure abstract aggression instead. And Still, Wanting is not an easy listen, but it is occasionally lush and often sentimental- never noise for noise's sake. Either good as an introduction to Prurient or just a nice standalone release, I find myself returning to it more often than the rest of his output because it's a rare moment where the musician understands that planned atmospherics can say as much about his feelings as screams and violent improvisations


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