Jul 4, 2012

Rick James - Garden of Love (1980)

Carnal enough to indicate that James' Garden of Love is a different kind to the one Blake found- rather than moral and religious limitations, he's found two dark skinned aliens with the same haircut as him and a creepy light skinned one with cornrows. And lush green! And mushrooms... Not as psych as all that'd suggest, but about as laid-back as this kind of thing can be. REAL laid-back. As much as I'm gripped by Street Songs' chaos, I'm also happy to lay back in the green and watch the warm sunset with Rick James and his aliens and their mushrooms. I mean:
This must be love that I'm goin' through
I can feel it, I can feel it
This must be love
Summer love and you
Could this be love I'm goin' through
Warm as the sun soft as the mornin' dew
how nice! Underrated and a real musical oddity- in parts Garden of Love is more folk than funk. I like it a lot



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