Jul 11, 2012

Rome - Flowers From Exile (2009)

Damn you tl;dr/hyperbolic-gush/adjective/thesaurus reviews! It’s when I try to find reviews for ‘serious’/’beautiful’ albums like this that I’m convinced that rock critics are as bad as film critics!

Blending ‘martial’ folk- folk inspired by shit like dark ambient, war marches, neoclassical music- and awesome melodramatic pop, Flowers in Exile is apocalyptic folk replacing aggression with introspection, dorky/disgusting fetishization of aforementioned influences with sentiment, and subversive shocks with indulgent artistry. Obtrusive museum-core occasionally breaks the flow of things or goes against what I just praised the album for, but often these sections are followed by an appealing mixture of U2, Nature and Organisation, Nick Cave, and something exotic, all situated firmly in wartime atmospherics- check ‘A Culture of Fragments’ getting saved by the wonderful ‘We Who Fell In Love With the Sea’ for example



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