Jul 31, 2012

Terry Callier - What Color Is Love (1972)

Intricate/sophisticated arrangements would be the source of much inspiration to lesser artists a decade or so later also concerned with the human condition by way of their own 'profound' experience or observation- I'm thinking of you, sophistipoppers! Lyrically repetitive/sentimental like you'd expect from a soul record. Grand, organic, stoned, atmospheric, and melancholic like you mightn't. And that might be where the folk kicks in. Or was that jazz? Who can tell. Starting things with your best song and then repeating that but not as good with a few Withers-y ones to mask or dress up the repetition would be a terrible idea if it weren't for his fantastic voice carrying it. He might repeat himself, but he sounds good doing so. Not a terrible idea, but not a good one either. The ear longs for anything half as good as Dancing Girl and after 30 mins still has blue balls. This record will probably blue ball you. But it also has a song so good that it almost makes it worth returning to that blue ball state. And that's the most critical I can be of What Color Is Love/Terry Callier: you put your best song first. The others are pretty good too, but you put your best song first




  1. One of my favorite albums, this is just wonderful.

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  3. I more or less agree with your review of this album, but his previous one Occasional Rain is a masterpiece from start to finish.

  4. But I don't think "Dancing Girl" is the best...never mind.