Aug 21, 2012

These Immortal Souls - I'm Never Gonna Die Again (1992)

Although aimless deconstructed blues seems like a good place for junkies to hang out and growl and shock, I'm Never Gonna Die Again is the sound of Howard picking up those pieces and moving forward with them, which is at once more listenable/enjoyable than you'd expect and also more hellish. It's an aggressive, uncomfortable vision of junkie/existential hell that for whatever reason never threatens to fully simulate the experience for the listener. Whether this is a good thing as it gives us the space to fully assess/enjoy Howard's songs, or a bad thing as we never get to join him (that whole empathy thing), is entirely up to the individual.




  1. Thanks- loving all the RSH stuff... Any way you could reup the Birthday Party Live 1981-82?