Sep 14, 2012

Big Star - Columbia: Live at Missouri University 4/25/93 (1993)

By all means a failure that the listener can't deny the multifaceted success of- i) Big Star's  perfect 60s English pop through the lens of 70s American youth through the lens of ii) Chilton's decline and so fascination with imperfection and avant-garde fuck ups through the lens of iii) alt rock's embrace of Chilton's pop mastery and avant-garde fuckuppery (The Posies make up half the members). Facet (iii) makes it all dirtier, garagier, heavier than he allowed himself to go even during his (ii) period, with songs from his (i) period, and some nice covers too. Chilton fans rejoice, Big Star fans beware. Nothing's sacred, etc



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  1. thanks a heap for this. Had a cd that vanished a few years back. Their versions of Baby Strange and Slut are most excellent