Sep 20, 2012

Greatest Hits (1993)

A greatest hits collection for anyone who ever heard one of the 18 tracks on here when they were drunk and happy and thought why did I never get into Tom Petty?, or maybe heard a Petty vibe in Kurt Vile or The Replacements and thought Vile and Westerberg are cool guys, maybe they're onto something?, and anyway it's a greatest hits collection for people who did that and then ended up with a collection of Tom Petty albums that can't hold, won't hold, attention, but contain hits and hooks so good you wonder how that ever happened. An instant hit of Petty goodness without the tedium. Someone's done the work for you, so relax braj. Maybe that's shallow, but I get that maybe he's shallow too. The rock n roll spirit is there (or is it power pop now?) along with shallow Dylan-isms which make for d-grade Springsteen-isms and, god forbid, b-grade Seger-isms, but we're shallow too, right? Just in it for the hooks? Look no further. It's almost beer season too



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