Sep 1, 2012

Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun (2003)

Whether it's because the cover is inexplicably wintry where the album promises summer sun or because of my own dumb depressive hangups, I can't help but hear an autumnal core on Summer Sun (same deal with other summer favs Pet Sounds and Person Pitch). Like those two, Summer Sun is chill, consistent autumn pop. Yo La Tengo are renowned for chill/experimental quiet/loud pop/noise dynamics, but at its most experimental Summer Sun adds bossa nova or more ambience, at its loudest you get two voices instead of one, and at its noisiest... you don't get any noise. If I had to hang out with an alien and he/she/it was like what's indie pop I'd play him/her/it Today is the Day because that song is fucking perfect and would probably chill him/her/it out quite a bit and then save the world



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