Oct 2, 2012


While I always thought of Slade as the best band to match Big Star's condensed pop with Bolan's sexuality and Bolan's love for the fleeting/superficial and Bolan's hair and clothes, I guess, and Nazareth's Loud 'n' Proud (which is actually pretty good, I swear), I can't think of them that way any more 'cause the records Sladest steals from came out before and at the same time as #1 Record and all of that's well before Loud 'n' Proud. So did they forge power pop all on their own without any debt or influence? That doesn't excite me like it should, they still sound like a braver Cheap Trick to me only their Surrender is Cum on Feel the Noize and their Big Star is The Who or The Rolling Stones or Chuck Berry or Otis Redding and as far as I know they don't have a convenient/well-rounded Live at Budokan. Still, dude screams like a maniac. Hooks rule. Ugly dudes. Fuckin Slade.




  1. Have you seen the Slade film "Flame" it's pretty much my favourite pop group movie, the soundtrack has a two of my favourite Slade tracks "How does it feel & "Far Far Away" It is a good film in it's own right

    1. it looks incredible. thanks bro i'm gonna rent it out

  2. Check out Slade Alive - the original one from 1972, that is - not the second one from 1977, not the third one from whenever - recorded in 1971 in front of a few hundred invited fans; the recording cost only a few hundred pounds as it was recorded live with no studio overdubs added because they could not afford the studio time . . . blew me away when I first heard it; been a fan ever since . . .