Nov 4, 2012

Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends (2007)

I told someone that this was the band that The Damned could have been and I feel pretty embarrassed about that now, but I also kind of see my point. Anyway, conventional opinion says this isn't as intense as their early albums which seems kind of conceited to me, as well as wrong, largely because intense is a word which has practically lost all meaning. Anyway, I'm certain people only say this because this album is way more melodic than their early stuff. Looking back I wish I had enjoyed this album more at the time because I didn't realise this kind of post-punk/alt style was going to morph into what I think people call alt-folk - I guess people don't think too hard when they have to label inherently shitty genres. 

Max, do you want me to rate this? Or is doing that your thing? Not posted for a while so not sure.



  1. Freddy, you can rate it if you'd like, I don't mind

  2. :~)

    maybe i'll outdo pitchfork and rate this album to the 1000th percentile.


  3. too funny, was just playing this soooperb record yesterday. great minds...