Jan 21, 2013

Acetone - If You Only Knew (1995)

A sophisticated appreciation of just-off-harmonies and quietness learned from their time slowcore-ing country songs on I Guess I Would distinguishes If You Only Knew from Acetone's first album, Cindy. Cindy's trick was a mocking spontaneity and feigned indifference, the conceptual bummer underpinning the words which did give a fuck. The trick here isn't so much a trick, but genuine intimacy. In fact, by this stage they've achieved all they wanted to and have to actively rock n roll things up every now and again to convince us they're alright

(They weren't (RIP))


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  1. I own it in several formats, so need to DL, but have to comment. This record is beautiful. It's a masterpiece. It has saved my life on several occasions. Wish it had done the same for Richie. Check out their story. Spiritualized wrote a song for their front man Richie Lee who killed himself a decade ago. There is a sad, tragic beauty to all things Acetone. There is simply no music like it in the world.

  2. Your Acetone posts introduced me to the wide world of slowcore, and I am loving it. Unfortunately, I'm having a very hard time tracking down a high quality rip of Idaho's "Three Sheets to the Wind". Any chance you've got one?