Jan 17, 2013

jono's 2012

Late post I know - it's hard for me to reallllly care about 2012 when a lot of lazy music was released (lookin' at you hip hop).  Nevertheless, some damn fine releases:

The Best:

John Talabot - ƒIN

Standout album of the year for me.  At its core its a house record, but it enfolds different influences to bring something with real character.  With a disco shimmer, pop melodies, and a melancholic undertone, ƒIN demands to be listened to in it's entirety.  At the same time, many of these tracks retain that emotional element of 80s and 90s house that remains as vital as ever in club music today.  A record like ƒIN difficult to pull of, but whether Talabot is working with guest vocalists, crafting meditative soundscapes, or pushing out straight throwback tracks, every element shines.

Loma Prieta - I.V.

Heavy music is difficult to get right without being corny, contrived, and formulaic.  Loma Prieta has been consistently putting out solid records that work upon a long tradition of Bay area screamo bands.  With I.V., Loma Prieta push past the 'screamo' tag to create something that is purely heavy and unrelenting yet melodic and emotional.  Past those somewhat typical tags, it's hard to describe this album with any real weight.  Nevertheless, if you like anything heavy, you need to check this out.

Burial - Kindred

Everyone knows and loves Burial.  Here he utilises similar techniques and sounds to push further away from the confined club sound of previous releases.  The result is three sprawling, epic, and emotional songs that take Burial to new and evocative places.  As long as Burial continues to put out 12"s of this quality, we can do without a third album.

Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

Everything that needs to be said about this album has already been said.  Probably the best album of 2012.  Ya bish.

The Men - Open Your Heart

Awesome punk rock record that both affirms yet isn't held down by the genre.  You have hardcore anthems, country influenced songs that recall The Replacements, long psych jams, and more.  Records like this restore my faith in modern punk music.

Other ones that were great:

Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

Heavy & devastating vs. emotional & pretty

Girl Unit - Club Rez

Throwback yet futuristic epic club music

Beach House - Bloom

Good pretty songs

Holy Other - Held

Same formula as EP - amazing slowww sad house

How To Dress Well - Total Loss

HTDW goes hifi - super emotional rnb

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