Jan 31, 2013

in a major way (1995)

It’s a throwback, but I grew up in the East Bay in Northern California. That was pretty much my first exposure to Bay area rap and I've just been in love with it ever since. I've always had love for the Bay and all that. I think that’s what started me on the tip of looking into other stuff like Mac Dre. Even Tupac is on that album. Even though E-40 is kind of mainstream, he’s always kept it underground, too. I just have fun memories of that tape with me and Kyle driving home from working at the movie theater in the middle of the night just letting that album slap in his tape deck.
-Blake Anderson
Bigger beats (it sounds like), all fat and bubbly, E-40 gets excited by that audible increase in budget (in a major way), his focus reflected in the lack of bullshit found here, as well as his delightfully oddball flow- stop, start, bend a word to make it sound funny, make one up, double-time, sing, etc- and insane intros: Woke up in the A.M., toasted out of my cranium / Gotta take a shit, took a dump in the Mediterranean... Classic record


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  1. thank you very much. I really enjoy coming to your blog. You have introduced me great music :)