Feb 2, 2013

lost songs washed up all sad & sick (2013)

I mean, I was gonna wait 'til I understood it properly, though it's fragments and that's all, then BAM bnm

It's all just moments and ideas any way... glue them together and give it a title and people will find or project meaning onto it. Understandably some take issue with Harris' openness about this procedure- they want a concept, dammit! Likely fragments as a concept won't cut it, particularly as it threatens the illusion of Dead Deer's narrative. I thought she'd done it all with A I A and those Violet Replacement tracks, so naturally I wanted songs again. I'm willing to see past the illusion and glue it together myself. Did it with Dead Deer and doing it all over with Man Who Died. Projection or not, it works. Laziness or not, it works. Just try not feel sad and sick, 'cause then she's not done her job. Worked on me, great job.


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    I use the newest Firefox. Do I have to install Chrome to download this ? I won't of course.

    1. yeah looks like mega hates firefox. sorry bout that bro